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Integrated Evidence Ecosystem
The era of dealing with multiple vendors to build an evidence management system is over. AVaiLWEB is a powerful, all-in-one virtual command center that can be accessed anywhere through your browser.
evidence management software
Evidence Management Software
Many systems combined into one solution. Our software provides seamless transfer of information between all devices. AVaiLWEB is the center of the evidence ecosystem.
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Evidence Management Software
  • Classification and Role Restrictions
    Media items can be restricted based on user roles and media classifications. Users can be restricted to only view media items with certain classifications.
    media restriction
  • Automatically Related Incidents
    Media Items will be related together based on pre-defined conditions such as close proximity or matching custom fields.
    automated incident relation
  • Create and Manage Cases
    Create a case and add video, audio, images, articles or notes. You can also import external files into the case. Cases can also be related to other cases.
    case management
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View All Perspectives
Play videos from different devices simultaneously in the same interface. The gps data from each incident will display and draw in real-time on a map.
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Immediate Video Playback
Devices automatically offload video to the CJIS compliant cloud which can be reviewed instantaneously from AVaiLWEB.
Smart Redaction
  • full blur
    Full Blur
    In this mode, Smart Redaction will blur the entire video. This capability can be completed by the user with a click of a button.
  • smart blur
    Smart Blur
    In the Smart Blur Mode, Smart Redaction can automatically identify and redact all faces and body parts in a video, ensuring that everyone within the video is blurred, while keeping important objects and landscapes sharp.
  • Interactive Blur
    interactive blur
  • Within the Interactive Blur mode, a video administrator can select one or more objects in a video to redact. Smart Redaction™ then redacts the selected objects as they move.

    Alternatively, the administrator can select one or more objects to not redact. Smart Redaction then redacts all faces and body parts in the video with the exception of the selected objects.
computer aided dispatch integration
CAD Integration
Expansion made easy. We understand pre-existing CAD platforms are readily available. AVaiLWEB can utilize data from those systems to create action zones. Thus allowing, sight of nearby officers’ location to provide greater situational awareness.
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Fleet Management
Manage officers quickly and effectively from our all-in-one solution, AVaiLWEB. Track assets in real-time, configure devices remotely, and view aggregate fleet reports.
geographical information system
GIS Data Overlay
Import or create map overlays for occasions like PredPol, Geofences and more.
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Experience in Real-Time
To infer the officers’ situation through context is inefficient. Perspective can be shared like never before. View live streams to help officers make smarter decisions. Locate and initiate live streams remotely through AVaiLWEB.