In-Car Video + Communications
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Versatile and Proven
The RocketIoT is the only proven and mature communication platform with a seamlessly integrated digital media recorder in the market. A key component of the mobile ecosystem, the RocketIoT enables full, secure automation of evidence gathering. At its heart, the RocketIoT powers situational awareness.
Always Stay Connected
The RocketIoT is a wireless access point providing reliable internet connection as well as automatic wireless video offload.
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Full Video And Audio Coverage
With built-in digital video recording capabilities, the RocketIoT can power up to four wide-angle cameras to capture the most critical moments.
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Vehicle Diagnostics
Don’t let a check engine light be a surprise. The RocketIoT taps into a vehicle's on-board diagnostics to allow effective vehicle monitoring.
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Complete Control
Having access to your data needs to be capable and intuitive. The RocketIoT can be accessed through a tablet application or a web browser. From there, users can start/stop recordings, view storage details and play recorded incidents.
Policy-Based Automatic Recording
Capturing the most critical moments.
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The RocketIoT is tightly integrated with the BodyWorn.
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Vehicle Sensors
The RocketIoT makes intelligent, configurable decisions about when to start and stop recording when a combination of vehicle sensor events occur. Such as when the light bar is turned on and the door is opened.
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Action Zones
Automatically react when the RocketIoT enters a pre-defined geographical area, or action zone. Recording and non-recording zones provide intuitive feedback needed in the force. Action zones can be created manually or from CAD calls, making it flexible enough to create real value to the department.
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Smart Patrolling with ALPR
Intelligence is coming. We are working on the first ever ALPR using in-car video to catalog license plates, store searchable metadata along with video data, use real-time connectivity to hotlists and send alerts when hotlisted plates are detected. We are redefining ALPR using Artificial Intelligence (A.I.).
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