BodyWorn is currently perfecting Gunshot Detection using Artificial Intelligence and sophisticated mathematical processing to detect the sound signature of a nearby gunshot. This functionality will work with Smart Holster Sensors.

Once BodyWorn detects a gunshot, several things can happen automatically: 


Gunshot Alert

Central Dispatch and all nearby Police Officers, Supervisors, and Command Staff get immediate alerts that a gun was fired near a Police Officer. The officer’s exact location is shown on the AVaiL map. Automatic backup to “Shots Fired” radio call.


Automatically Start Recording

Video Recording starts automatically on recognition of a gunshot. Central Dispatch can activate Live Video Streaming from the BodyWorn camera as desired.


Smart Pre-Event Recording

Gunshot causes prior 2 minutes of Video and Audio to be pre-pended to the video recording.


Automatically Create Action Zone

An Action Zone around the Police Officer’s Location is automatically established. All other BodyWorn and in-Vehicle Cameras inside the Action Zone automatically start video recording. All cameras inside the Action Zone capture 2 minute Smart Pre-Event Recording with Video and Audio.



Automatically Quarantine Video

All Video recorded inside the Gunshot Action Zone is automatically quarantined for Command Staff Review.