Intelligence at the Edge
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Simple. Smart. Secure.
BodyWorn is the most advanced police body camera on the market. Using artificial intelligence to create situational awareness, the assistive features operate seamlessly within our complete evidence ecosystem. Finally, a smart solution for law enforcement.
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Technology that Saves Lives and Careers
BodyWorn acts as an objective eye witness, providing a factual account of the situation from the police officer’s standpoint.
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Policy-Based Automatic Recording
Never ask an officer to do something the technology should automatically do for them.
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Gunshot Detection
BodyWorn is the only police body-worn camera that is capable of detecting gunshots.

When a gunshot is detected, BodyWorn begins recording and recalls two minutes of audio and video prior to the incident. BodyWorn automatically sends a call-for-help message to AVaiLWeb, which includes reporting the officer’s location to dispatch and to all officers within proximity.
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Smart Holster Sensor
Detects the moment a firearm is removed from it's holster, activating BodyWorn and sending real-time alerts to dispatch and nearby officers. When seconds mean lives, intelligence matters.
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BodyWorn Down
In the event that an officer has become prone in the field and is in need of backup, BodyWorn starts an automatic recording, alerts all nearby officers, and sends a call-for-help message to AVaiLWeb that includes the officer's GPS coordinates.
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Vehicle Sensors
BodyWorn makes intelligent, configurable decisions on when to start and stop recording such as when the light bar is turned on and when the vehicle door is opened. These automatic recording triggers allow police officers to focus on serving the community.
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Just Run
A foot pursuit can be one of the most dangerous situations for a law enforcement officer. With a built-in accelerometer, BodyWorn can detect when an officer is running and start a triggered recording, allowing the officer to focus on remaining safe during a high-stress encounter.
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Action Zones
Automatically react when the officer enters a pre-defined geographical area, or action zone. Recording and non-recording zones provide intuitive feedback needed in the force. Action zones can be created manually or from CAD calls, making it flexible enough to create real value to the department.