Smart Mounting with BodyWorn

Did you know? By design, most body cameras are at risk of falling off or being snatched. Not with BodyWorn.



Because of the fundamental problems of clip-on cameras, the majority of body cameras in the industry are at risk of falling off when the officer runs, gets into a struggle, or simply snatched off by an assailant.

Knowing these problem areas exist, allow for a better designed solution. 

Utility's BodyWorn camera is integrated into the officer’s uniform, securely mounted in front of the officer’s body armor where it peeks through a grommet hole in the uniform, keeping it safe, secure, and out of the way.  With this SMART MOUNTING, officer safety is maximized and BodyWorn video is reliably recorded.

Utilizing uniform partners, such as Blauer, allow us the ability for customized body camera mounting. 

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