4 Must-Have Body Camera Features


There are many body cameras available to law enforcement officers today. They all have the ability to record, but some offer unique features that greatly improve an officer's day-to-day duties of protecting and serving their communities. After speaking with our partners in blue, we've selected our 4 must-have features your body camera should have: 

1. Automatic Policy-Based Recording

As an officer, you shouldn't have to focus on pressing record during critical situations. Your body-worn camera should detect when to activate. These triggers for activation can include when you begin running, when your lightbar is on and the door opens, when entering an Action Zone and more. 

2. Officer-Down Alerts

If you or another officer is prone while in the field, your camera should activate an automatic recording and immediately alert surrounding officers, supervisors and Central Dispatch with an exact GPS location. 

3. Gunshot Detection

Another safety and accountability feature for police cameras is Gunshot Detection technology. When a weapon is fired or when an officer is fired upon, BodyWorn begins recording automatically, captures a 2-minute pre-record and alerts supervisors, nearby officers and Central Dispatch. 

4. Wireless Video Offload

Offloading your video evidence from the day should be the last thing on your to-do list. Body cameras should offload data to secure cloud storage as its recording. This ensures that the video is safe, viewable and stored. 


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