Providing An Integrated Hardware And Software Solution


Utility hardware and software are designed, developed, manufactured, packaged, and shipped at our two offices, state-of the-art locations in Decatur, Georgia and in Covington, Georgia. Utility solutions are CJIS compliant, and Utility maintains state-of-the- art security.

Our systems preserve the reputations of law enforcement departments and their officers, discourage frivolous litigation, support prosecution, and promote officer safety.

Utility Associates, Inc. is a vertically integrated US manufacturer and supplier of software solutions, body worn cameras, in-car cameras, mobile routers, mobile Digital Multi-Media Evidence management systems, and situational awareness software solutions for the law enforcement community, transportation agencies, and utilities.

With over 50,000 devices deployed, Utility has worked with many progressive first responders, transit agencies and utilities to incorporate industry best practices to help solve critical legal evidence capture and field situational awareness management challenges.