Smart Scene 360™

Smart Scene 360 is a crime scene documentation tool that allows every officer with a BodyWorn™ camera to be an evidence technician. Officers can easily capture a 360° view of a crime scene or traffic accident, which can later be used as evidence in court. This technology expands a police department’s ability to collect evidence on the spot.

•  Capture a 360° Image

•  Great for Crime Scenes & Traffic Accidents

•  Every Officer Becomes an Evidence Technician

•  Wirelessly Offloads to Secure Cloud Storage

•  View on the BodyWorn™ Device, VR Goggles, & in AVaiL Web™

•  Enables the Viewer to Experience the Scene in 3D

•  Tied to Related Media from the Same Incident with Metadata

•  Analyze Crime Scenes Months After the Incident

•  Secure Chain of Custody for Use as Evidence in Court

*The Smart Scene 360 feature is included with BodyWorn at no additional cost.

Media Coverage : 11Alive , USA Today


Part of the Total Solution

Smart Scene 360 is integrated into Utility's AVaiL Web™ Video Management software as a service.  There is no additional cost to subscribers using the Utility Evidence Ecosystem cloud product suite for In-Car Video dash cams and Generation 2 BodyWorn™ police cameras.