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With Smart Redaction™ By Utility, Inc., Departments Can Now Reliably And Efficiently Release Video For FOIA (Freedom Of Information Act) Requests In A Fraction Of The Time It Would Take To Manually Redact Video.  

Smart Redaction is part of Utility's Evidence Management System (AVaiL Web) used with BodyWorn video evidence collection.



Smart Redaction Tools


Within the Interactive Blur mode, a video administrator can select one or more objects in a video to redact.  Smart Redaction™ then redacts the selected objects as they move.

Alternatively, the administrator can select one or more objects to not redact. Smart Redaction then redacts all faces and body parts in the video with the exception of the selected objects.



In this mode, Smart Redaction will blur the entire video. This capability can be completed by the user with a click of a button. 



In the Smart Blur Mode, Smart Redaction can automatically identify and redact all faces and body parts in a video, ensuring that everyone within the video is blurred, while keeping important objects and landscapes sharp.