Docking stations for body-worn cameras are obsolete and inconvenient.

The public is uploading their video of an incident to YouTube and TV Networks within minutes. Police Departments with docking stations are always way behind. Live streaming police body-worn video to Central Dispatch provides the real-time Situational Awareness needed to deal with emergency situations. Having to take a body-worn video camera back to a docking station at the end of a shift is no real improvement over a VHS Camcorder.  

Docking stations have had cybersecurity flaws where video can be hacked or uploads re-directed to other websites. Data network upgrades required to handle many simultaneous video uploads from docking stations at shift change can be a multi-million dollar budget buster surprise to Mayors and City Councils. 
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The good news is docking stations are no longer necessary.  Video can be uploaded wirelessly, often as it is being recorded, on a cost-effective basis. Central Dispatch can cause critical video to be uploaded immediately.  Major data network upgrades can be avoided.  Officers don’t have to be paid overtime just to travel back to a police station to offload video to a docking station.


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