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BodyWorn is not a clip-on body camera. It's the only police body camera that fuses into the uniform by resting securely in our patented mounting system. Merging technology with garment keeps your look streamlined and nonthreatening. BodyWorn can be securely outfitted to any uniform garment including vests, shirts and foul weather jackets. 

BodyWorn is smart in that it automatically starts recording if an officer starts running, if an officer turns on their light-bar and exits their vehicle or if Central Dispatch sets up an Action Zone on the map through our backend system, AVaiL Web. (These features are dependent upon the policies of the department). 

BodyWorn can receive alerts and messages from Supervisors and Dispatch while out in the field - the only police body camera capable of real-time communications. 

Agencies are not required to dock the device to have access to valuable video data. BodyWorn offloads video to the cloud as it's recording. Video reaches cloud storage safely and quickly while remaining secure.