Utility, Inc offers agencies and departments a complete system that works together to effectively capture, store and manage video evidence. 


The products that make up the Evidence Ecosystem:

Rocket IoT (In-car video and Wi-Fi hotspot)

• 2 Cell Connections
• Wi Fi Backhaul
• Wi Fi Access Points
• Real-time GPS
• DVR - Up to 4 In-Car Cameras
• Storage (video, audio, metadata) 
• Vehicle Diagnostics
• Secure locker

BodyWorn Police Body Camera

• Policy Based Recording
• Live Video Streaming
• Secure Cloud Storage
• Mass Communications (BOLO Alerts) 
• Officer Down Reporting
• Captures: Video, Audio, Metadata
• Wirelessly offloads to secure waypoints (RocketIoT,  
Cloud Storage)

  AVaiL Web

• CAD Integration
• Smart Redaction
•  Evidence Management
• Secure Chain of Custody

Smart Scene 360

• Captures 360 Image
• Every Officer Becomes Evidence Technician
• Wirelessly Offloads to Secure Cloud Storage
• View on the BodyWorn Device, VR Goggles and in AVaiL Web
• Tied to Related Media from the Same Incident with Metadata
• Analyze Crime Scenes Months After the Incident
• Secure Chain of Custody for Use as Evidence in Court 

Learn more at www.bodyworn.com ,  www.bodyworn.com/smartscene360 , and www.utility.com/products